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I don't know if you ever experienced something like this: Somebody allows you to use his or her Computer to check your email. Letting your eye wander above the desktop you find the familiar orange fox grooming the world. You click on the icon to open the browser and you see a naked firefox begging to get dressed.
What I mean is: some people seem to have missed the point about the firefox. What is it worth without add-ons? Security? By now Mozilla users are a majority. The firefox is just as much a target for spyware attacks as is the IE7. The only way you can get a plus concerning security s using...
...right, add-ons. Who ever had a look on the add-on page might has realised that the amount of add-ons available is sheer incomprehensible. Therefore I thought it might be a good idea to present you with my favourites. For me, there are three categories concerning add-ons: those you must have, those you should have, and those you might want to have.
Must have add-ons:
This category mainly consists of add-ons that provide you with an extra of security. If you use firefox without them you might even switch back to your IE7 or even better the most secure, but also most useless browser, opera. (
WOT (web of trust): The WOT provides you with the experiences of millions of WOT users around the globe. Whenever somebody experiences security problems with a page or had the feeling that this or that web-shop was not a good business partner, he gives a voting concerning the page. The WOT places a tiny circle in front of each link the more reddish the circle gets the more insecure the destination is
ABP (Adblocker Plus): The Adblocker Plus does not simply block any flash application on a certain site. It gives you a list of the blocked content that allows you to make exceptions for certain elements. What definitely gets blocked are the flash-pop-ups that replaced the traditional pop-ups.


Phish-Tank: The same principles as with the WOT apply for Phishtank: Whoever experienced an attempt of phishing simply puts the “phisherman” into the tank. Whenever you come across a site on which phishing occurred, a tiny gold-fish notifies you

should have add-ons:
These extras are actually quite nice but not necessary for making your firefox safer. But who minds a little more comfort?
Cooliris: Did you ever wonder to which sort of content a certain link might lead and still you couldn't be bothered to click on it? Yes? Well then you should try this one here. Cooliris allows you to simply hover a link, giving you a small window with a preview of the content. This is actually a nice feature, although the windows poping up when you don't want to see them is a bit annoying.

Crtl-Tab-Preview: Clicking on tabs to open them can be quite annoying, especially, when you have open a lot of them. Once you installed this little fella here, you just need to press crtl+tab and you can skip through your tabs in tiny preview windows without touching your mouse once.

Nice toys:

These add-ons you might find useful although they are just gimmicks.

Diigo: Did you ever think of sticking a post-it note to your screen with a certain comment on something you found? Well then you should definitely get yourself diigo. The Social bookmarking tool allows you to stick notes to a page content, gives you the chance to exchange links with people that share your interests, and allows you to organise your links just like other social bookmarking tools like

Download Status bar: Tool puts your downloads into your status bar. You don't need to bother with the firefox download window any more.
If you know more interesting add-ons, please let me know. My firefox could still take a few more.
2007-07-02 00:00:00