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The Grandpa Across the Street

This guy is really funny. About eighty years old. Still quite fit. And nosy as hell. Whenever there is some noise on the street, guess who sticks his head out of the window!
Now, the funny thing is: Whenever one of his children (all of them between forty and fifty by now) comes to visit him, he ages in a mere second until he is at least 95 year old. Sometimes he has to walk with a zimmer frame across the street to keep on his feet, sometimes one of his children has to give him support, and if he has a really bad day they have to get out the wheelchair. Poor old grandpa.
They put him in their car, drive him to see his GP, maybe push im through a park from time to time in his wheelchair and then they take him back to his flat where his nurse is going to be at the door at 5 pm in order to put him into his pjs. Poor old grandpa.
Sometimes his grandparents pop by with a mini van. Than they drag something down the stairs (like his piano) since he is way to old to use this or that anyways. Poor old grandpa.
But as soon as his family leaves something funny happens: Grandpa gets younger on the spot. They push him to the door, behind which he waits until his beloved ones are gone. Then, grandpa pushes his zimmer frame away, takes his bag and goes shopping. Without a zimmer frame, without a wheelchair, and without any other support. Not even a cane.
I have been asking myself, what's all that about? Is he afraid that his family will refuse to pay for the food he has delivered to his door once a day? Or is he afraid that they are going to cancel his nurse once they find out that grandpa is probably doing just fine without one? And if so, why?
Probably grandpa is afraid because the people who deliver the food and the nurse who comes once a day are the only ones who talk to him on a regular basis. Maybe he has no more pianos he could use as a bait to see his grandchildren from time to time. And maybe this is all a punishment for his children who can darn-well pay for the nurse if they only visit him once a month. If they visited him more often they would have noticed that he is less frail than they assume. Witty old grandpa.
2007-07-23 00:00:00