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KG joins the Celtics

When the New York Knicks brought in Larry Johnson, Allan Houston, and Chris Childs a few Years ago everybody thought that this made them a serious contender for the Championship. As all Knicks fans know: It didn't. My prediction for the Celtics? Hard to tell really, for Basketball, like all sports, is nothing to argue about, neither on the Internet, nor in your local. All depends on chemistry. Do the characters of the players mesh on the court? Does the acquisition of new players affect important team veterans negatively?

I am not an unrealistic dreamer. Talent is important you won't a rusty nail with a team that is a jolly good bunch but not talented at all. What you need is the right mixture. Players that that can take over the game if necessary, players that know their role and how to play it, and players that can put their ego aside for 40 minutes.

That this is true could be observed last season: Dallas and Phoenix were both more talented than San Antonio. However they lacked that extra something: The chemistry that makes a team that is talented averagely at best champions.

I cannot predict whether the Boston experiment will be a success. What I will predict is that KG's numbers are going to go down, since even when he was the man in Minnesota, he was criticized for taking not enough shots. With Paul Pierce and Ray Allen on the court there won't be enough shots for the three of them to keep up their individual numbers anyway. Simply making up wet Celtics dreams by adding the numbers of Pierce, Allen, and Garnett won't do.

Another doubt I have about the whole project is that Garnett is not really a low post player. This would have suited Allen who could have waited outside for the double team on Garnett to lace up threes. Also Garnett's usual territory does not suit Paul Pierce. Garnett lurking around somewhere between three point line and zone might become problem for Pierce as well since penetration to the basket become indefinitely harder with the Big Ticket in there. From my perspective this has always been Minnesota's problem: Kevin Garnett's still of playing does not match with his unselfishness.

If the project is going to work it will be only for this unselfishness that I also expect of Ray Allen as soon as he has sufficient quality on his team. To a large extend the success of the project will depend on Paul Pierce who must be so used to carrying the whole weight on his shoulders and whether he is able to switch to sharing the ball with his Allstar team mates. Furthermore the Boston role players must not be afraid to become the next Bruce Bowen and not the next MJ.

As a Knicks fan I can only hope that there will be internal trouble, lack of depth, no chemistry, and court incompatibility of the three Celtics Allstars. If there won't be any of the latter. They might not only win the Atlantic division...
2007-08-13 00:00:00