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Error, mistake, and evaluation: a cultural history

Recently I stumbled upon mistakes, errors and the way people deal with them quite a lot. The topic struck me as extraordinarily interesting. Why do we make mistakes, how come that all of a sudden people consider mistakes and errors to be something productive? And if they are productive, why should we use them in order to avoid them (that being the general notion of productive use of errors and mistakes)? Is it possible to write a cultural history of mistakes and errors? Has it possibly been done already? Is there a philosophical debate about errors? How does the transition to a scholar's culture of copy-and-paste change the notion of "error"? A certain similarity to mutation and Darwin's theory of evolution springs to mind. But at the moment everything is quite vague and I am looking for a starting point that allows me to delve into the subject. So if you have a suggestion where to start, please let me know.

All errors, typos, etc. are here for the sake of the subject.
2008-04-19 21:00:53