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Stop: c0000139 {Einsprungpunkt nicht gefunden}

There is something wrong with the latest and in all likelihood final Windows XP Service Pack (SP3). Because this error message (cf. headline) was the only thing I saw after rebooting my pc after installing the aforementioned piece of sloppy coding.

Fortunately, I had my girlfriends computer at hand, so I could google the error message to get some kind of clue what I could do. As the rest of the error message already suggested ('Der Prozesssprungpunkt "GdiGetBitmapBitmapsize" wurde in der DLL "gdi32.dll" nicht gefunden') there was something terribly wrong with the gdi32.dll

Fortunately I hit this lovely page: The people lurking around there suggested that I should use the repair console to replace the file gdi32.dll in c:\windows\system32\ with the gdi32.dll from c:\windows\servicepackfiles. My main problem now was that I had no clue whatsoever how to do this.

The thing works like this: boot your PC from the CD (restart the computer with your xp-cd in the drive and hit any key), press "r" for repair. Your windows-version most likely is 1 and most people don't have an admin-password (just leave it blank).

Now you can navigate around in your folder like it was 1995. What I found out is that I hardly know any DOS-commands anymore. To get an overview what can(not) be done, type in "help".
Next, you need the "copy" command, but you don't have a mouse in this dark alley of xp, therefore copy-n-paste is a bit more complicated then normal. (cf.;de;314058) . What you have to type in to make this trick work is "copy c:\windows\servicepackfiles\gdi32.dll c:\windows\system32".

Finally, type in "exit", open your cd-drive and your computer should start as usual.

One question remains: why is it that SP3 works perfectly fine with some people, but not with me and obviously a bunch of others?
I believe the answer is "BricoPacks Vista Inspirat 2.1." A Vista-lookalike surface I installed a few months ago. After the rescue described above, everything was working perfectly alright, except the Vista-lookalike-toolbar which looked like in Windows 98. So I had to uninstall the Inspirat (completely). Now I have reinstalled it and everything is working perfectly (with SP3).
2008-05-04 23:20:57