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gimmicks/no gimmicks -- news from the freeware den

These two programmes here are definite must-haves. I found them more or less by pure chance.
The first one might be considered a gimmick, since there are probably more then enough programmes of this kind on the market already, but this one convinces me (almost) totally. The piece of coding is called "aTunes" and one particular software springs to mind immediately. And yes, in terms of design aTunes seems to be modelled after iTunes. As far as functionality is concerned, it is much better. It gives you the same control as Winamp -- if not more -- but it can be handled as easily as the Windows MediaPlayer or iTunes. What is especially convincing is how easily pod casts and radio stations can be added, the clarity of the play list management and the tons of extras, which are never obtrusive.
However, one major flaw shouldn't be concealed: it doesn't scrobble your played titles on, which is especially startling as atunes gathers huge amounts of information on artists, tracks, and albums from
Still, one heck of a programme:

The second programme might turn out your last resort one day. It is called "Teamviewer" and is used to give remote support. Just imagine to be clueless what's wrong with your computer, be it in a certain situation or in general and the person who used to do all your maintenance work now lives thousands of miles away.
What Teamviewer does is allow him to fix things quickly from his desktop. If the internet is still working, of course.

Great tool anyway:
2008-05-16 21:14:34