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German- Christmas Market in ...?

As I was reading this weeks issue of Die Zeit (, I stumbled upon an article about German Christmas markets in Britain. The article mainly focused on mulled wine and (red and white) sausages in Birmingham. About two million British have already visited that Christmas market, which was organised by the city of Frankfurt (Main).

In my PGCE course I met a few people from the most Christmassy region in Germany, the Ore Mountains and they were absolutely amazed no, shocked -- by the fact that you can buy liver rolls at our local Halle Christmas market. For these guys this was literally unheard of.

Reading the article, thinking about our local Christmas market, plus taking into consideration British eating habits (kidney pies and other dishes based on cooking offals), I thought that Halle really has something to offer for our British twin city. Until I found out that we haven't got one.

If this is not a proper reason to get one, I do not know what is.

2008-12-22 10:55:15