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NBA Allstar game in Phoenix

Two years ago, when the NBA-Allstar game took place in Las Vegas, I wrte this blog:

"Welcome to the entertainment-capital of the world?

The NBA ist stopping in Las Vegas fpr the 2007 allstar game. Clearly, this is a promotion move in order to get a NBA team situated in Vegas. More than ever you could see the decay of the world Las Vegas symbolises. Lupe Fiasco is out there, eating into the SUV rappers clientel, the LOHA movement takes over the highways and the all-progressive NBA clings to its sponsors' ideas of America like Wayne Newton clings to Las Vegas to make a few more dollars on past fame.

wayne newton
(source: wikipedia)

And if this were not enough, we get Tony Braxton, a down and out r'n'b-artist, and Christina Aguilera as a halftime show. The NBA seems to be in serious problems. Please, jump off that wagon as long as there is still time to do so. David Stern you are about to wreck not only this league, but the game I love so much. You could already see that some players and veterans looked slightly displaced. There is a reason why Wilt Chamberlain is dead and Bill Russell is still alive! I would ask myself whether it is really a good idea to put high hopes into a town that is basically a bad plastic-copy of really entertaining places. Claiming to be the "most certainly the entertaining capital of the world" makes things even more ridiculous. I don''t know which kind of entertainment they are talking about, but no matter how hard I think I would always prefer the original, no matter we are talking about an opera or a sweaty hip hop concert. I hate plastic.

I think what annoys me most is the arrogance to place a "most certainly" in such a subjective sentence as defining an 'entertainment capital' Next year the allstar game will probably take place in Nawlins, a place that is a bit more bona fide. Let's see whether the frequency of SUV-spots will go down as well. Until then: Viva Las Vegas..."

This weekend is taking place in Phoenix Arizona, another city that stands there -- right in the middle of the Arizona-desert -- as another epitome of what is wrong about the way we misuse our ressources. However, things have changed since 2007. The US economy  has almost come to a standstill. NBA team owners have lost hundreds of millions $ dealing in financial derivatives. Players are being shopped although they are on fairly successful teams just to save team owners' money. However the NBA still celebrates what it believes to be the American way of live. It seems like they didn't learn a thing. Watch the commercials very carefully.



2009-03-09 21:25:00