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The importance of being earnest... aka The NBA Allstar game III

... the NBA Allstar game showed some changes indeed. As the title of this post already suggest, there was a new kind of seriousness that I didn't expect. Fouls, blocks, steals, and very little sloppiness.
I am not sure to wihich extent these changes can be explained by the current economic downturn, but to me this seems logical.
At times when people are afraid to lose their job or have to work for less, NBA players might want to say: 'Okay, we might earn an awful lot of money, but we do something for our money. We will get out there and give you the real thing, not just some fancy stuff people do on a streetball court once everybody is tired.' Well, plus aome dunks that you would not see on a streetball court. 
However, I am not sure if people really want to see this kind of Allstar game. You have certain expectations that were not met: Dunks, dunks, dunks. Stilll, I enjoyed it more than the regular showtime game.  And Las Vegas seems to be not the role model anymore. What did actually become of the idea of having a team in Nevada?

2009-02-27 23:41:18