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overwhelmed by jam

What do presents people give you say about you as a person? This year I seem to radiate an aura saying: "I tell you what: I like all sorts of jam." I understand, it is relatively easy to carry, not overly expensive, and suggests creativity, especially if it is somewhat exotic, say a mixture of prickly pear jam and honey.

more jam

The other half of the jars is filled with home-made jams. Well, well, it seems to be that time of the year. So this would mean that being entombed by jams says more about my friends and less about me: a) they are people thinking practically, b) they understand that expensive souvenirs are not worth the effort since people are usually not that emotionally attached to places they have never been to, c) they seem to have gardens.

On the flip side of things, it does actually say something about me. I mean, why didn't they give me jam as presents earlier? It is because they think it is an appropriate present for somebody saying 'hi' to 30 soon, while it seem

2009-08-03 21:43:03