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Testing the waters

I folks, long time no see. Sorry about that. I have been really busy with my PGCEs. However, this week it is a bit harder than usual to stay focused, since google wave has been released. Well not properly, but I got one of the 100,000 ttest-accounts. So I am currently playing around with a few of the Google.Wave-gadgets. Like "embeddy" which is meant to embed everything you say on a wave.


Let's try it:

I would have to add javascript right now. As this is too much of a hassle right now, you will have to wait ;)

Well. I did put in the java-script and somehow embeddy pput in strange message (cf. top of the page). I can't be bothered to sort this out out riht now. If you have got a clue, leave a message.
2009-11-02 23:59:21