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The IPad's screen?

About one year ago Amazon's Kindle led to a huge debate about to which extent this little gadget will change the way books reach their audience. Amazon's most important upgrade over any electronic form of publication was Kindle's screen. Black-and-white  E-ink was hailed as the first screen which got rid of a key problem in all e-publications: Most people prefer real paper to screen-reading because it is less exhausting to the eye.
As Apple unveiled their newest media revolution, the iPad that is, most media outlets almost instantly stressed that this little device poses a major threat to Amazon because of the soon to come iBook-store and most importantly the colour-screen which is vastly superior to what Kindle offers.

Now most commentators also stressed that the different components of the iPad are not particularly new, which means that the screen is not coloured e-ink. However, so far I did not find any article, blog, or news report whatsoever about the iPad's  eye-friendliness.

2010-02-06 11:16:10