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Blogs, blogs, blogs.

I know blogs have been around for a while and it is getting a bit old already, but only recently I discovered the beauty of actually following some of them. I guess for quite some time I was put off by the fact that I myself have been a terrible blogger. However, if you manage to find one that is up-to-date, unlike mine, it is actually rather nice.  And here are my favourites:

1. : An English wife blogging about her sleep-talking hubby. Sometimes I get the impression that this is a gigantic hoax, but then again I like to keep up the illusion, because it makes it infinitely more funny. Although I have to admit that most women I asked for their opinion did not like it. So maybe this is something like "male sense of humour".

2. : Hilariously vicious comic strips about important issues such as job interviews, typos and dinosaurs.

3. : I think one of the best known and most reads blogs.

And then there are two blogs I have a look at from time to time. One of them is by a colleague. It is just as outdated as mine which gives me the feeling of not being a lazy bugger. And the other one is a school project of an English course in Erfurt. Let's see how this thing develops as I am not sure whether using blogs in foreign language teaching is over- or underrated. 

Leave a comment if you find out which is which. ;)




2010-02-14 20:32:49