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Generally speaking, I am perfectly fine with paying for good services. I donate regularly to Wikipedia, I pay for OTR. Especially if this was the deal from the word "go". If I got into a free service and the people running it begin charging fees over time or take away services from users, this is rather annoying.It makes you feel as if you were lured into signing up only to be milked as a cash cow afterwards.

This has been the case with lately. First it became only available to (free) users in Germany, the US and the UK. Music lovers from other countries had to become subscribers. Lately I got into streaming music via on my android phone. Many people reported bugs. I have to say that it worked rather fine for me.

Today I reeived an email that in future this service (streaming on mobile devices) will only be available to subscribers. This was also published in a My -- somewhat emotional -- response was to delete my app, my desktop client and to delete my account. But then, only for a second, I thought about becoming a subscriber. Nah....Maybe it might have been a more clever strategy to offer something for subscribers (e.g. bringing back the "loved tracks" radio). You lost a user who joined in 2007. As far as I can see on your blog, I am not alone. Well done.

If you are looking for an alternative to, (and only if spotify is not available in your country) I would like to recommend aupeo. As of now the playlist does not equal that of and the advertisements  are annoying, but maybe they will improve over time. I am even thinking about becoming a subscriber. Let us see what the OFFER to subscriber is.

other free alternatives are: and
Just pick the one which suits you best. I am sure they will develop over time. Especially with the migrating users on board.
2011-02-08 12:52:47