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Barking up the wrong tree? Again?

Nokia announced that they are going to cooperate with Microsoft, making 7 Phone the exclusive OS on their premium smart phones. The statistics below suggest that this might not turn out to be such a hot idea. Heck, even sticking with Symbian would make more sense. 

Von Ablagebox

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Mobile OS Market Share

The question is why did they not go for Android? If this is a short term decision, based on generating cash, it might turn out to be Nokia's dagger. The same goes for foolish pride. This could very well do for Nokia, what sleeping on the flip phone did for Siemens. We will see. Maybe they will conquer the market together. As far as I can see, the windows 7 app-market still has a long way to go, especially compared with Android and I cannot see were all those developers should come from all of a sudden, especially if companies which became the mobile phone avant-garde (e.g. Samsung, HTC) stick with Android.

2011-02-13 10:45:27