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My favourite thing(s), really.


Although I hate McDonald's.


Sharon Jones and Lee Fields in one rehearsal. Just wow.


Arguably the best crooner in Nu-Funk. It is good to see that the funk revival does something for people who should have been an icon for ages. Lee Fields and the Expressions.


Steve Nash is the most ridiculous man in the world. Nice ad.


Simply amazing!


Just wow! For more visit http://www.myspace.com/yancarlosmusic


spending my summer holidays in/on (???) Malta, I WILL mind my pronunciation. Promised. 


Fore some reason the BBC mixed up a taxi-driver and an IT-expert. Brilliant! As you can see: Anybody can be an expert on anything.


There already is a mash-up on this page (the Swabian Obama), but this takes things much further. The postmodern paradigm of art as a permanent act of recycling is more evident than ever. This makes the problems involved in protecting intellectual perfectly obvious: There is new genuin new material involved, however, nobody can deny the originality involved. Brilliant


German comediaN Rainald Grebe mocking the German president's rhetoric skills.


Guacamole from Si on Vimeo


Seriously. Nobody should eat Guacamole and cake at the same time. Big mistake, really.


The future of pop-music?


Obama speaking at a Swabian tenants' assembley.


The official promo-clip.


Greek short film about aging.


Interesting Yale University lecture on the American Civil War (lecture 1 of 27)


New Röyksopp joint. Brilliant stull. 'nuff said-


How to give a perfect man-hug.


Snowball, the dancing Cockatoo.

Can somebody please give this bird some proper music? But then again, that again that song might be theofficial Cockadoo-breeders' anthem.


Nun ist uns allen klar, wer dran schuld ist.


I would vote for him (if I could). However, it is hard to say whether this was made by a supporter of Obama or McCain.


Are they really serious? Would you like to see a video of yourself on the internet doing the "Klapperstrauß"???


Stop, look, listen, learn! This will make you a better [fill in your aim here]!


never laugh about owls!